Library Services - a one-stop data solution 

Our unique range of services mean that only Nielsen can provide truly integrated data solutions to our library customers:

  • Data solutions throughout library processes
  • Complement the experience and local knowledge of library staff
  • Independent and objective view of the book industry
  •  Helping you to get the best value from your data and service subscriptions
  • Helping you exceed customers' demands and expectations

All underpinned by the market leading Nielsen Database.


Nielsen adds Worldcat® link to Nielen BookData Online

In response to customer demand Nielsen has developed an exciting feature specifically for its library customers.

Many libraries use a range of bibliographic tools and often need to switch between them. To help streamline this process, users can now link directly to records in, from within the Nielsen BookData Online full page, by clicking on the logo. This feature is unique to our service.

Nielsen BookData Online and WorldCat®

WorldCat link in Nielsen BookData Online and how to benefit from this service link

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 NAG: Do it better, cheaper and quicker with NAG


Whatever your selection processes, in-house, supplier selection, 3rd party selection, customer request etc, Nielsen's BookData Online, Nielsen BookScan for Libraries and Nielsen LibScan services can help. (Further details on these services can be found on the Nielsen BookData and Nielsen BookScan websites or you can email:

The most comprehensive, timely and complete picture of th ebook market available, including: 

  • What is and is not available?
  • What is forthcoming?
  • How do authors, titles and genre perform?
  • What are the market trends?
  • What is issuing locally and nationally?

Nielsen BookData Online, Nielsen BookScan for Libraries and Nielsen LibScan are uniquely placed to provide you with the information you need to inform all your selection decisions, including:

  • Defining/monitoring selection profiles
  • Back stock selection
  • New title selection
  • Bibliographic detail checking
  • Availability checking
  • Standing order set-ups
  • Customer requests

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Cataloguing - the only source of catalogue data you need
Once you have decided what to buy you will need to catalogue the titles. Nielsen's BookData MARC and BookData Multimedia MARC services are carefully designed to provide just this.

  • Every title in the Nielsen database plus records from the Rovi database (CD music and video/dvd) is available in both UKMARC and MARC21 formats
  • Library quality records to AACR2 standards
  • MARC records for globally published titles
  • Increased consistency of catalogue records
  • Multiple data delivery methods, including full integration with Nielsen BookData Online
  • Catalogue conversion - Nielsen can help you convert your current catalogue (e.g. UKMARC to MARC21)

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The Nielsen BookNet EDI service continues to be at the forefront of electronic ordering within the library book sector.

  • The Nielsen BookNet EDI service is used by a majority of public libraries in the UK
  • Our service provides trusted and proven efficiencies: time and cost savings
  • Trade electronically with every library supplier in one place
  • Secure and auditable network
  • Full product support and training with industry experts

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What is the point of good selection, cataloguing and ordering if your customers don't know about it? Nielsen BookData Catalogue Enrichment Services are designed to help bring your catalogue alive.

  • Allows you to compete in the electornic age
  • Making your catalogue accessible, attractive and useful to your library users
  • Jacket/cover images, descriptions, contents lists, author biograhies and much more
  • Direct data-feeds and cutting edge web services

We offer two ways to enhance your catalogue, our Nielsen BookData Enrich service provides the three main elements of enriched content as one simple solution. Alternatively our Catalogue Enrichment Service is a bespoke service allowing you to tailor the data to meet the needs of your catalogue.

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 Library Borrowing Data

Nielsen LibScan was launched in 2009 and uses Nielsen BookScan established and proven analysis technologies to collect and measure public library print book borrowing data. There are currently 74 public library authorities participating, allowing Nielsen to collect weekly borrowing data from over 2,000 library branches.

Panel participation is free of charge and contributing authorities have access to our online reporting service. As the number of library authorities contributing borrowing statistics grows the data becomes more valuable to the wider library community and to publishers.

Nielsen LibScan data can provide you with authority level and national library lending statistics to create genre, author and title charts, ranked by borrowing. This valuable borrowing data will assist your stock and purchasing decision and help increase the number of users and borrowings.

For further information Nielsen LibScan

LISU Public Library Materials Fund and Budget Survey

The Public Library Materials Fund and Budget Survey takes the pulse at several important pressure points of the entire UK public library system.

Download the 2007-2009 Report free of charge: 


Please note you will be asked to complete basic contact information prior to downloading the full report. This information will only be used for internal marketing purposes.

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